One Tree

Written April 12, 2009

My nothing is a little something to everybody else
And all I’ve got is myself

Never knew anyone cared
Been comfortable in my burning chair
Where no heat can touch me
‘Cause cold is how my heart was meant to be

But the rain can wash away the degrees
From which I feel the heat
‘Cause love is more powerful than the mind
When you’re trying to come back to life

If all but one tree were cut down
Could you hear it cry?
If you were the only one around
Would you mind?

‘Cause I’m too tired
I’m too sad
I’m too tired
To give a damn

White walls ain’t no way to escape my head
And the weight of my mind can’t be held up in bed
Not even your hands could lift it this long
Anyway, soon enough, you’ll all be gone

It’s just me, one tree
Can’t you see that it’s just me?
Not we, only me
Now leave it up to me

Photography by Johann Siemens, from Unsplash