Written June 12, 2008

All I ask
Is that someone tell me what’s going on
Someone tell me what’s going wrong
‘Cause I seem to be falling apart

Why, oh, why
Do I feel the need to put holes in my wall
Then rearrange the posters to cover my faults
It’s too bad they can’t cover the holes in my heart

But I feel change
A new leaf is turning over
And I’m starting over

These holes are no longer my crazy dreams
These holes are the clouds of the seven seas
They are places filled with exotic trees
As far as the
I can see the light
Shining through the canopy, all over me
It’s directing me down that righteous path
Before I feel the impact of our lifeless crash

These holes became trees to please my disease
And I feel the breeze of the seven seas
But those trees just look as lonely as me
They need a new look to show some feeling

Let’s paint the trees black and blue
For the memories of what I had with you
Forgetting you is the simple part
But my head doesn’t always agree with my heart

But I’m painting them, these beautiful trees
Forget black and blue, I will do what I please
It’s just me, the trees, and the clouds of the seven seas
And that’s all there is as far as the
I can see the light
Shinning through the canopy, all over me
It’s showing me the path to a better world
A new life, bigger dreams, and a better girl

Photography by Lujia Zhang, from Unsplash