Without You

I’m sitting here in the darkness thinking of you
And in my ear Jack Johnson’s playing a tune
This blanket on me can’t compare to your squeezing
Cause without you, girl, you know I am freezing

And without you, this fight ain’t worth fighting
And without you, this song ain’t worth writing
And without you, my love ain’t worth giving
And without you, this life ain’t worth living

If I could take back a day, it’d only be one
I’d go back and lift you out of the sun
In this tragedy, I’ve only myself to blame
But without you, girl, life ain’t the same

And without you, these tears ain’t worth crying
And without you, moving on ain’t worth trying
And without you, my heart’ll stop beating
And without you, it’ll soon be angels I’m meeting

Written on March 23, 2008