The Original Sin

Written August 31, 2008

Hi, sweetheart
Hello, soul mate
Did I really hear you right?
Well how did it taste?

This is forbidden
But also tempting
The serpent said we would live
So I’ll just take a bite

What in the hell?
This tastes like heaven
But we’ve unleashed the seven sins
Unto the world

It’s the original sin that made us this way
And now we’re forbidden and given a life of pain

He took from me and created you
You’ve only been a burden, what the hell did you do?

Two thousand years ago you were supposed to be a blessing
But two thousand years from now they’ll only be asking questions

Why can’t we just lay down together
Without a single bother
There’s always gotta be a father in my damn way

Why won’t you just let me live
I ain’t ’bout to forgive
‘Cause you used to be just like me back in the day

I said you used to be
Just like me
Back in the day

It’s because of the original sin
That we end up this way

Photography by Gianni Zanato, from Unsplash


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