Redheaded Woman

Written July 02, 2008

Teach me how to fly a kite, redheaded woman
The darkness of the night, you proudly stood in

How did you get here?
Where are you from?
Am I dreaming of you
Or just playing dumb?

Jump into my yard, and take my hand to go
Go ahead and lead my heart to places I do not know
Make my mind think of things I’ve never thought before

Take your time
Don’t look at me like I can read your mind

Cause I know that I just don’t know you well enough to know what you’re knowing
How can I show emotion I didn’t know I was supposed to be showing

Why are you here?
Where are you from?
You’re not very clear
Now go back home

Get out of my yard, redheaded woman
Go back to the place you previously stood in

Where ever you go
Whether among the stars
Or the trees and leaves
Please make it far

‘Cause I hardly knew you
But you changed my life
Now somebody pinch me
‘Cause I’m dreaming up lies

Photography by Lê Tân, from Unsplash


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