Written March 26, 2008

I could see it in her eyes, something was wrong
They told me, it’s been happening all along
My heart doesn’t beat like it used to
And I’m sorry if I have confused you

I could hear it in her voice, something was wrong
She told me, we just don’t belong
My stomach doesn’t quiver like it did before
You’re just not the man I used to adore

She said, a rose is not a rose, by any other name
And a feeling is not a feeling, unless you feel the flame
You know heartbreak isn’t heartbreak, unless you feel the pain
And love isn’t love, until your heart goes insane

She could see it in my eyes that I didn’t follow
They told her, this is all too hard to swallow
My heart still beats stronger than ever
I didn’t see this coming, not now, not ever

She could hear it in my voice that I didn’t follow
I told her, you’re tearing me apart, making me hollow
My stomach still quivers with butterflies
And I refuse to believe that these aren’t lies

I said, this rose will stay a rose, since the day I gave it to you
And I will always have this feeling, since the day we became two
And my heart will never break, although it may be hazy
And I will always love you, ’cause my heart is so damn crazy

Photography by Sam Manns, from Unsplash


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