A Gift from Above

Written April 10, 2008

I’m tapping my toes to the beat of your heart
And nobody knows how to keep us apart
Not that they’d try, but who knows, we don’t
You know that we’d cry, I suppose they won’t

For now I’ll keep drumming while your chest is still beating
I’ll allow your light humming, it’s the best kind of feeling
You tickle my back, give me chills up my spine
You’re the peace that I lack, and your thrills become mine

We share the same dreams through our sleep every night
We’re destine it seems to go deep in love’s flight
Angel’s slides peaking through, but your eyes are closed shut
Now I’m kissing you, I hear sighs, you wake up

Morning is here, naturale from the start
You nibble my ear, you’re my gal, the right part
Day after day I’m lifted by love
And as they say, you’re a gift from above

The feel of your lips, and your touch, and your grace
Are like an eclipse, covering much of my face
The future’s in store, we can do what we please
But I know for sure that it’s you I will squeeze

Right now, and tomorrow, and the rest of our time
Somehow I will show the world that you’re mine
I’ll give my vow, let us float in a hot air balloon
For now let’s just joke of me pulling the moon

One last look in your blues before I must go
You’ve got me hooked, it’s the truth, oh, you know
I’ll be home soon enough, and I’ll miss you too
The whole time I am gone, I’ll be thinking of you

Photography by Chuttersnap, from Unsplash


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