There, on the other side, you stand and seethe;
Though, are your feet not dipped in river’s edge—
The very river’s edge of which I breathe,
which well would rise with tears from your eyes’ ledge?
These waters would continue on with ships,
and I would wade upstream beside them, too.
But when below my head begins to dip,
just know I am not drowning—I’m with you.
“The truth can live in other methods, no?”
I asked of you as I came up for air,
and, yes, you nodded, but—the river’s slow—
I’m frightened by new things. I am aware.
Though, as we’ll drift along held hand-in-hand,
I think I’ll seek to stay. You’ll seek the sand.


The man beside the shore puts on a play,
a one-man play where fights are breaking out:
“I am the best, believe,” we hear him say,
yet something in the air provides him doubt.
For on his left a demon sits and stews—
there floats no angel singing on his right—
but what the man knows not is of my ruse
and tale which seeks to share of those more bright.
See, I am this here fiend (I know my lines)—
you’ll only fear the night because of this.
To break him free of that with which confines
means leading him from ignorance to bliss.
I seek to play the grandest role of stage:
The Devil’s Advocate. Am I a sage?


I am a sage! but better friend, no doubt—
The greatest friend you must have ever met!
But I would be left wandering about
alone much like my father’s silhouette.
The man I know, reclusive to a fault,
is not the man I seek to e’er become.
Though my dry mouth is craving rims of salt,
I know, in time, “just one” will turn to some.
Instead of bottled juice, I welcome you;
please come, my closest friends, O won’t you soar
into my life to break my life in two?
One piece belongs to me and one is yours.
I stand as half the man I used to be,
but now, with you, I am completely me.


My friends, they came with me to see the lights,
which floated up like fleeting bits of ice.
I hear by river’s edge on quiet nights,
that if you just look down, you’ll see them twice.
My friends, they put on plays, O what a troupe!
There’s never been a devil in the mix!
But if you are a doubter of my group,
then I’ll show you the fiends of River Styx.
My friends, they once were bottled like the ships,
and with them in my hands I never played,
but now together we will use our lips
to sail upon the memories we’ve made.
My friends, they said to keep watch over you,
and then you taught me all I thought I knew.


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