You are a woman
more magnificent
than magnificent
when spoken in French,

which makes wonder:
Why am I not the tongue
against your teeth
in the middle of magnifique?

Because, belle,
bien que vous ne me souviens plus des mots,
I could listen to you for days without rest,
and this makes me want to make you remember.
Then, avec votre langue lisse,
you could take me
both to places
I have never been,
as well as home.

But, honestly,
the way I see it—
from underneath of you
with your hair dripping
like a leaf in June—
every place I go
is something new to me,
as well as a place called home,
et je dois vous remercier.



  1. I like mixing languages in poems, and this piece is a nice mixture. Just enough fusion, not too little, not too much.
    By the way… I don’t wanna be bickering, but I believe there is a typo in the third stanza… It should be “bien que je ne me souviens”, right? One can never be sure about grammar when it comes to poetry. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      I posted this on Reddit the other day, searching for feedback, and there were a few people who pointed out my translations were a tad off in spots. And one of the discrepancies was the one you mentioned. Good catch. But I kind of like the idea that I didn’t translate from English to French perfectly because the subject of the poem—the girl—can’t remember the correct words either.

      1. you’re welcome. By the way, I like your poems even better since you’ve started typewriting. It must be an inspiring device…

        That’s partly why I wanted to point it out – to know whether the girl or the speaker doesn’t remember anymore. And whether the seeming mistake wasn’t intentional.

      2. Well I’ll keep typewriting then!

        But the girl doesn’t remember. And I didn’t mean to mess up my translations. While the mistake wasn’t intentional, I do like the outcome. Happy accidents.

      3. Now I have to admit I made an unintentional mistake while pointing out yours. “Bien que” requires verb in the subjunctive. My French obviously needs some polishing… 🙂

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