Oleatha, will you bathe me
will you wrap me in my blanket
will you speak to me a language
I have yet to learn?

Can I take you out to dinner
can I watch you ‘long the aisle
when I fall please will you follow
me into my urn?

Oleatha, I am walking
through your whimpering St. Louis
though I wish I stood in Kansas
watching nightly news.

Will my mutt want me to come home
will pained children ask for daddy
or so plainly run right past me
to the arms of you?

Oleatha, can you hear me
do you watch me want to touch her
have you found for me another
source of perfect joy?

Please recall the initial day
you gave me her with hair like yarn
you threw flax strands onto my arm
when I was a boy.

Oleatha, O Oleatha,
I was full and now I am drained.

Oleatha, O Oleatha,
I want to say nothing has changed.


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