With good company
boisterous and young
pubescent and horny

for each other’s sweat
though we were unaware.
The calamari

atop the hot plate
said the waiter
but I still touched it.

Engagement rings
of nature crust
golden brown

were not to be worn
on any ladyfinger
but devoured.

And first I noticed
baby beast
done the way

of ancient sculpture
rusted and brittle.
I needed no dare

and so the baby
was in my mouth.
Its arms—

its tentacles
stabbed at my cheeks
asked me to bleed

perhaps for its life
because its pulse
and arms and beak

were beating my teeth
because my tongue
flicked its heart

to the back
of my throat
because two

blind eyes
saw my uvula
and they spoke

and discussed
the sound
of my voice.


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