These poems were written to the sounds of and inspired by Mumford and Sons’ second album, Babel, released in 2012. This is the collection in its entirety.


Hurry, wash away grown dust
Doll, with those lips
From your mother

The eyes from your father
Are stern and I still shy
Away from any glance

Though, this is home now
The floorboards squeak
And we own such a racket
The doors in their frames
Hang there crooked
And we own such a perplexity

The vastness lies beyond our bedroom
A palace of screams
To be filled
And fondled
And defiled with trials

There is strife in this freedom
Sought after upon birth
But I am overcome by a want
To rob myself from the cradle

Whispers In The Dark

Every fragment of our being—
Our skin
Our freckles
Our shining hearts—
Is only a single ounce of all those blinking stars

Think of what we owe
To Orion and his companions
To Sirius and his Grecian lovers
To our homely, breathing sun

Give them thanks
Shower our creators in praise
Wake each day under expansive desire
For you are a new breed
Of illuminous being

Our eyes hold the heavens, see

Tilt your head ever so
Skyward, a ways back
Look into your life
A galaxy of memories
Against the bosom of time

Save a prayer
And slip into the darkness of beginnings

I Will Wait

As if you believe a passion possible
Give in

Growth, I know, is here along
A perpetual destination
The inevitable forward way

I am no guide
Only a seer
The architect who builds upon dignity
Your rising is my service
For which you owe me nothing
But brilliance found in happiness
Then I will see you along

My footsteps are the melody
By which you can walk
And intertwine with your newfound own

I am the spirit
The seer
I painted the prints upon your finger
The hallow in your eye
And these will give you all

Holland Road

I knew very little else
But of home

And came to an agreement
With my left
And right hands
Shook within the grace of my soul
Became aware of my ambition
I would walk alone
For my beating was all the rhythm:

Are these trees hanging along my shoulder
Washed over in opals and magentas
Dangling on denim fields
Leading to the mercury pond
Flowing out to seas of ivory bone?

This is not home
Where is the road of which I know?

Who allowed
Such straggling
On my own?

Ghosts That We Knew

Every last glass
Established as deceit
Knows itself brimmed
Right as well
As just and hollow

Fill my being
With your sorrow
Weigh me down
With rightful pity
And dilapidation

Who have I become?
The man who I once was
What a beast you have shown
What a beast I’ve once known

But, shall no longer

The grip of your vow
Secure even now
Reigns with honesty I too once held

Lover Of The Light

Break out
As the morning
Has through cracks
And spread across all the lands’ skin

Warm the home
And light those bones

Recognition sweeps along the valley
Where he whittled my crib
Where she will lay my stone

Weightless beam rests as rain
A new layer of skin
On my face, the gatherer
Gifts and grace
No waste has ever been

Born unto sphere
Circling so—
Once gravity does pull
Stem from origin
And I will remain gracious

Lovers’ Eyes

An echo sounds

I know nothing
Of its mother
But my ears
And their canals
Who etch a constant stream of soul
Into my waking hours
Now see pause

Who is the beckoness?
What father lent his hand
To such a saint?
Who mothered this howl?

Drawn to siren
So I am

A journey of peril
One of plight
A journey of distance
Now, of sight

All the while I sought the sound
The stream of soul
My ears were known to etch


Have I been
More in love
Than I was
When I knew
The best
Of you

And so little
Of myself.

No word had been written
To yet encompass
The vigor with which I lived
In the shadow of a soul

I am a faceless man
With pitted eyes
Witness to his emptied hand

Wanting only
To straighten
Some writhing bones

Hopeless Wanderer

Those of the many
Who lie in shroud
Only have thus yet
Mapped themselves

Which must be done
By blood
Ran along bare bones
A departure of stone and of home

Remove the cork
And spill upon the world

Drink with the saints
Depend on those sinners

Unknown land is found
In the palm

Broken Crown

My hands hanged
Talons of flightless bird
Peck and cast over
Are vestigial
A nuisance

A caged mind
Mine has become
A fortress
Protector of dusts
And aimless fume

Where even
Is my name?

Lost among you
Misplaced in the bowels

Below My Feet

Weight of the world
Trampled along
Flatter still
With each step
We took, have taken, and will take

This earth is miles
Beyond my love
Can she know?
God, I pray so

I have thirst
You run a river
I do pang
You grant me growth
I shiver
Your heat is honest

My first mother
My carrier
My same soul

All you do
Allow me to love you
All I do

Not With Haste

I write by freedom
Not by dependence

When the demon lies beside my neck
Hatred weighing
The pen in hand
Enlightens the muscle
Sends a spasm upon the shoulder

Demon done
Hatred hung

I write by light
Not by dark

When the cloud casts ahead of sun
Shadow looming
The word I know
Electrifies twilight
Flicks the fabric into waning bulb

Day is done
Night now hung


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