Sister Ira Katherine couldn’t lead me to an answer
Even though she had to change the words I heard
By the hand she took me and she tried to look right through me
But her eyes were dry ’cause holy water burns

So I left
I walked outside
The sun was high and it’s ever been
And sent my way a fluid wind
There I began to drown in waves of grace

Savior, dig me a hole
Where I can lie underground
Until your storm has ceased in sound
And my knees will bleed as thunder rolls

Damien played in the shadow of the steeple
Kicking tainted puddles in my eyes
‘Causing my body to rise
But my tight fists were opened by the righteous people

They held my hands
Began to dance
There he stands, the sun I know
He gave me the love that I have grown
Which I will send to you in waves of grace

Sister Ira Katherine
These righteous people
Have sight beyond the horizon
And I couldn’t see
Though, they did not relent
But led me to the edge
Where we became one
And looked down on the sun

With his waves of grace
His waves of grace
We feel the sun and his rays
Upon my face
These waves of grace
These waves of grace


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