These poems were written to the sounds of and inspired by Mumford & Sons’ Sigh No More, released in 2009. This is the collection in its entirety.

Sigh No More

We’re so quiet in the valley
But a storm is rising
She echoes from her origin
How long before she shows?
When will she take us away?
Where will we land?

I’ll watch over you
And lay witness
As dreams flutter from your ears
Let them have rosy cheeks
Let me see you sleep
You are beautiful

I’ll hold your hands
I won’t let you flee this valley alone

Take us somewhere I can’t imagine
Golden palaces
Reflections of ourselves lining the walls
Underground temples
Rubies and emeralds
We’ll run through its tunnels
Hands dragging against nature’s belly
Our fingers browning

We’re almost to the light
Do you see it?
I can feel it
Your eyes are white
The reflection is powerful
The light resides in you

The Cave

We will dance
But your gaze is firm
All I want is for you to look at me
Find my eyes
They’re not hidden
They want you

I’ve given my breath
My skin
My hair
Everything I am
You have
And I have nothing of yours

Feel your body
Pressing against mine
There is something
Between you and I

The people watching
They assume this is love
But they’ve never looked
Through our windows
Into our lives
They can’t hear us
They couldn’t imagine our voices
The voices of banshees

This world
Our world
Is no world
To dance in

Winter Winds

A cacophony rolls through
Harsh on my brow
I can hardly see
Anything at all

Quiet now
Look beyond the bow of the bridge
Ice crackles and erupts
Drowning under this structure
A flow so cold
You’d feel warm

Perhaps you’d enjoy this death
As you prepare for frostbite
But instead
Are branded by a scythe

You’re pondering a leap
One of faith
Aren’t you
You’re praying I’d stop you
But I’m not sure I would
Though you couldn’t know this
You fall from the edge

And there’s a moment
Between the absolute
And the uncertain
Here, you find yourself

I can only help
But witness err
And air herself

Attempting to bless your soul
As it gravitates toward oblivion
And these icy shores have no choice
But to mock you

Roll Away Your Stone

Breathe in
To show yourself how lovely you are
To remind yourself you’re alive
Just to breathe

Now we flee, doll
Take it all
In stride
Pick those knees up
Run on your toes
We’ve got the world to see
People to know

There you are
You’re flying now

How about this?
Shall we land here?
We’ve never seen walking grass
Or trees on fire with cardinals’ calls
This feels like the home we’ve never known

The grass runs with our children
Their voices call to the cardinals
They’ve grown together

But the grass is growing too tall
The cardinals are falling from their perches
Our children are flying away
To planted meadows
To empty evergreens

Our children’s children
To where will they flee?
Do they long for their leave
As we did
Do wheat fields dance in their minds?
Do robins chant from the dogwoods of their dreams?

We can only hope
We can only hope

White Blank Page

Pour me another
I’ve been feeling empty lately
Fill me up
Find something for me
To wrap myself around

I will not be forceful
But I will cover you
Like kudzu
So when you crumble
I’ll keep us standing

Wind blows through
I can feel you shivering
I want so badly to weep
But I mustn’t
I’ve done all I am able
But still
I can feel you shivering

Mother’s wild come for us
They tear me down
As I do you
I am keeping them alive
We will fall
In the name of their lives
And they will scatter

I’ve lied to you
I said I’d stand by you
Over you
And through you
But I’ve failed the both of us

Forgive me
While I slip into the stream
And fill her more
Drifting away
Into the mother’s sea
To become indistinct

I Gave You All

Waking in the afternoon
A whole day of sleep
Does nothing for me

You left before I ever considered
Rubbing the dust from my eyes
Useless and hindered
My sight and my mind

Maybe I’ll fall back
And try to remember you

I filled your eyes with ocean mist
While waves crashed on my shores
I carved your teeth from ivory
While poachers sought my craft
I painted your skin of melted bronze
While artists stole my brushes
I lathered your lips in berry juices
While blackbirds pecked my branches
I wove golden wheat into your hair
While farmers harvested my crops

I can’t fall back
You’ll be lying there
Under me
My body will crash into yours
Shattering you
My finest work

You’ve doomed me
Or I have

Little Lion Man

The doldrums are spreading
A glowing indigo wildfire reaching up the coast
If you inhale at all
Even the slightest whimper
You’re infected

There is no cure
We will all come to face the disease
Causing our hands to quiver
Our lips to tremble
Our irises to fall

Who is the creator
Who is the source
Who is our end
I know
He’s staring back at me

Join me
Fear me not
We both are dead
Our future is held captive
By the fickle hand of fate
Preparing to be devoured
Our ideals dripping from its fangs

We are swallowed by Hell’s esophagus
We struggle against his acidic pit
We flow through his blood-ridden bowels

Remove this place from your mind
Forget we were ever here

I molded sorrow into an infection
Dooming us all
Forgive me for ending your life
Praise me for clearing your mind


When man floods the oceans with his heart
He spills creation from every pore
He sweats desire
And he drinks the water
While his spirit mingles with the life already existing there
And they discuss matters in languages unknown to you and I

They build homes
The thoughts of man
And those of oceans
Uninhabitable by man
Too, for the oceans

These waters call to us
With their tides receding
They ask us to join them
But ask us to die

And the oceans themselves
Cannot remain still
These homes they have built
They are stable
The oceans
They are not

May the tide carry the homes
To our shores
So we may seek shelter under blistering suns
While in the evenings
The oceans may come for a while
And go

Perhaps man
Should have never met the oceans
Should have never built a home
At all

Thistle And Weeds

Leaves dangle loose
Fall with the wind
But not on to me
Because I am within
The mother
Of all

Alone with my thoughts
Of eternity
Is where I will lose
My mind

No one ever came
To lay upon me
Flowers from the mother
No one came to see
To read over me
The legacy of this man

Let the winds whip my remains
Into ash
A storm into the night
A parade of locusts
Eroding the trees

I am dying
I am dead
I am gone
I am never
I will flee
I will leave
I will lose
I will fall

Come with me
If you wish to exist
Among the stars
Sprinkled in the night sky
Our ashes eternally
Reflecting off the sun
Shining in the others’ eyes

Awake My Soul

Clouds cast shadows all along the hillside
Revealing a mission I choose not to know
But go with them I must
For I have no home

Guide me
God’s wind
I’ve been told you hold my soul
Tight in the night
Loose as we role

This mountain I climb
Has been conquered yet
Natural in its rise
With all to show of its birth

And higher
Continuing on higher
But you will not guide me
You let me roll

In the end I am dust on the ridge
Sent by a whisper
Blown into the eyes of a child

Perhaps he will hold my soul
Tighter in the night
Close to his chest
Practically within him
And as the night progresses
His grip will not loosen
But I will become him

As we come to the mountain
Our eyes balance on the horizon
Tracks of a man lay before us
The tracks of the man we once were
I’ve led us to this point
And to continue on the voyage
This must be found in his own will
It lies among the fragments of my soul
And I pray he reassembles our spirit

Dust Bowl Dance

The middle of the town
The heart of your kind
Burned to the ground
Smokebarrels of sorrow

What is your story now?
Do you pen for the life
No longer written
Or begin to write again?

You flee
For they will blame you
The last man standing in your town

Dust kicks from the hooves of this beast
Your eyes could go blind
But you never could see so
The sand only sticks and glazes in the sun

Do you have anything at all
To offer this new town
Other than an outlet
For their judgment?

If you could see their faces, sir
If you hadn’t been raised in this manner
You’d wish you couldn’t
You’d wish you had

All you ask for is a welcome home
I wish you’d tell them yours was burned to the ground
You were everything left
Standing in the grain of children’s memories
And all you want is for your heart
To be given the chance to bleed those memories being
Made once more
Until you’re gone

But you say none of this
Instead you walk away
Smelling tasting hearing feeling
Everything you could have had
Once more

After The Storm

All of our secrets
They are shipwrecked
Taken out to sea
And drowned

I want to fall without gravity
With them
And nestle in the sand
Warm and grating
Where fish bones go to die
Already gone
But buried deep now
For good

The sun will never reach me here
Until I am within her
When she has overtaken all I once loved
And our secrets

The day hangs in the inevitable
The only fate I’ve ever believed in
Of death
The end all of untimely sorrow
The undeniable

When light has entered this life again
She will not be guiding
But uprooting the trees and hurdling them onto our pathways
She will remove our secrets from these depths
And plant them in Eden
She will fillet our eyes
Unconscious and flailing
As salt pours into our wounds
She will shine a light on all of her creation
Being tormented by its mother
As Sirius looms in the distance


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