Haven’t you ever felt
There was no horizon, only wealth
To rain down on to you from the blue sky
Heaven to earth is gonna make you cry
Try, try, try, cry
It’s a moment with the sun and moon in the sky
Ain’t supposed to be this way, but you don’t ask why
You just try, try, try and cry

Hanging below a snowflake
The winter’s rain, the winter’s cold
You’re gonna grow old
Waiting for nature to freeze your soul

Try, try, try, cry
Turn off the light or the light will die
The plight of your third eye when your third eye’s blind
To try is to cry, you’re my god of wine

Dry your mind, shake your bones
Come with me, babe, we’re going gone
Paint the shutters, clear the clutter
We’re gonna make this house a home

Try, try, try, cry
We’re gonna make this house a home
I will die doing so
Just to dry your mind and to shake your bones

The wealth of the sky rained down to the ground
We’re monosyllabic, we live in the town
It’s all grand, the way you want it to be
In it’s never-ending simplicity

But you still try, try, try, cry
Even after all I have done just to try be right
You try, try, try, cry
I wish time could have told me I was wasting its life


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