Old man
take a look at your life
Remember the last day you felt water upon your scalp
recall the sham
and your poo
I see into your sweater through a busted seam
Your left shoulder must be cold
the way you face no one
Does your face know the edge of a razor?
The beard waterfalls
pours from your mouth and over your heart
You live a life defined by greys
and its infinite shades
but your skin has colors
Cheeks, so rosy
always embarrassed
perpetually ashamed
You’re alive
You’re not living


2 thoughts on “GREY

  1. old man tie youre shoelace and wash
    your raincaot
    is that your dog over
    he’s barking and i’ve run out of string
    yes a son out of many
    and one good with the axe and the firewood
    out back
    near the outdoor toilet
    by the bench


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