Ask me if I care
Go ‘head, do it
But first let me warn you:
You won’t like what you hear
You know why?
Because I don’t
I don’t care
And I don’t like hearing this either
I hate that I don’t care
This eats at me, man
What if the absence fails my relationships
Or rather, what if I let allow this
What if I fail my lover
I’ll probably never get married because of this
Which I do care about
I do, honest
I want children
I need a legacy
I need one
If I’m not remembered
Then what was I so busy doing
Wasting time?
Busy building nothing
Blazing a trail of oil and water
Never allowing myself to live
Caring too greatly about my vow not to
I digress
I never wanted to cease in my ability to care
It was ever-present
No, neither of us like this much
So it goes
And you say I don’t care…


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