I’ve got a set of rules and regulations to get me through my day-to-day
That may make me a fool with stipulations that I don’t let get in my way
But my fire has no fuel
Will you come and light its flame?

Fold the corner of another page as you always do
So you can reference back in time
To remember what’s inside
And what’s on your mind, too

Can this really be happening?
Is it happening again?
I say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
To us again

You think you’re the queen?
You think you’re the queen of me?
Well I don’t want your words of wisdom
I just want to leave you with ’em
So you can use ’em for yourself
Put ’em back on the shelf
With your gossip, with your concepts

‘Cause you’re dead to me and you don’t even know it
Beautiful lies like you’re some kind of poet
Fear in your eyes but you don’t know you show it
No, you just look alive

You look alive while you listen
You look alive while you speak with me
You tell me it’s all destiny and that I will soon survive
But no, you just look alive

I’ll take you home, I’ll let you go
‘Cause my rules have failed me now
And I’ve never had to ask how
But you’ve caused me to and you had to do everything I asked not of you
And now we’re through, and now we’re through

You wove a spider web through my windshield
Broken shards of sugar strewn across the field
And you lay too without a breath from the night
Just ruby red across your eyes while you look alive

You look alive while you glisten
You look alive gone beneath the tree
This can’t be your destiny, this is no queen’s demise
No, but you look alive


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